What Brand is Best

1 Nov

As discussed in a previous issue of our blog, How Long will my Printer Last?, it was determined that it can be for a variety of reasons.  Now that you have reached that decision that  NOW is the time, you have to choose what BRAND of printer is best for you.

BPI has been in the service business for many years and worked on a variety of different brands of equipment.  Truth be told there are pro’s and con’s for all the different manufacturers.  There is not one super machine.

There used to be three major “players” in the wide format market.  KIP, Oce, and Xerox for toner based units.  For inkjet  printers, HP and Canon.  For the purpose of this article we are focusing on the toner based large format printers.

Xerox announced earlier this year that they are discontinuing sales of the wide format engineering printers and scanners.  This is their complete product line.  Please click on the link for a related news story regarding this.  http://www.action-intell.com/2011/03/09/xerox-will-no-longer-sell-wide-format-equipment-in-north-america

So now basically you have only two choices – KIP and Oce.  We at BPI have chosen to market the KIP brand.  It is a high quality printer with a broad range of products for all your printing and scanning needs.  KIP offers printers to fit any size business and any copy volume from the low 5 to 10 prints a day to the demanding needs of a High Volume production copy shop such as our own.  KIP comes in a variety of printing speeds and price ranges to fit any budget.

The KIP software is user friendly with its many features and functions  that are necessary in today’s business climate.  KIP constantly keeps its product line fresh with the latest innovations in printing and scanning technology while continually updating the software to keep up with the demands of the CAD world.

The quality of the prints are amazing along with the affordable cost of operation.  We at BPI service what we sell and offer complete comprehensive service packages or just on time and material service on a as needed basis.  This along with our FM Plans complete a full array of options.  We also take pride in our fast response time.  Most calls are handled within 24 hours or less.


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