Get to Know Your BPI Team

13 Jan

Clint Tornow

Account Manger

Sales Department

Working in the A/E industry since 2008, Clint’s main course of work has revolved around providing business to business services pertaining to Document Management throughout given project building life cycles.  Prior to that he had several years working in the Real Estate industry and if you went even further back, you’d find several years attributed to working operations and logistics in warehousing.

Needless to say, Clint has had a broad scope of abilities that he carries within his person day to day, lending to his ability to be open-minded, creative and straight forward when working with clients.  This has proven to be valuable not only to himself but the people he spends his time with both personally and professionally.

Within BPI, Clint looks to achieve business partnerships that are fruitful and well serving to both BPI and the partner. A lot of time, trust and hard work go into earning each and every one of these relationships and no relationship is taken for granted. And just like the rest of BPI Inc, Clint is in it for the long run.

Within his personal life Clint enjoys spending time with friends and family and trying new things.   Clint enjoys traveling as much as the next person and is always ready to talk about places he has been to and cultures he has experienced.  Clint’s true accomplishment is his wife Emily, his son Cameron and the life they enjoy together.


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