Product Spotlight – Tameran Stacker

14 Feb

In an effort to help the output of prints from inkjet plotter, we have made a vested interest for our clients to show them the incredible stacking system from Tameran.

The Tameran Jet Stack product is the innovative leader in streamline stacking for your inkjet needs.  As you can read from the product literature the benefits are superior for a device of this nature.

  • Improve operator functionality for copying by providing easy offloading of prints without interfering with feeding and handling of original documents
  • Enhance online operation from multiple user workstations by providing a rugged place to stack multiple jobs that have been run to an unattended plotter allowing users to retrieve prints at their convenience
  • Send multi-page print sets and sets of various-size documents to the plotter and stack without concern that the offloader is unable to handle the load; sequenced print sets remain together and can be printed in multiples without worry
  • Run printers continuously or even overnight; copies can be retrieved at the user’s convenience or the next morning
  • Roll up to any wide  format ink jet plotter for a very versatile offload solution; Jet Stack automatically matches the speed of any plotter without the need for a mechanical or electronic connection to it

Below is a video of the product in use at one of our clients.


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