Canon iPF Updates

28 Feb

Software updates are a necessary evil. Your desktop PC needs them. The server at your workplace needs them. Your Smartphone needs them. It’s also true that your large format printing device needs updates.

In general, most software or firmware updates happen for one of two reasons:
• in response to known issues with current versions, or
• due to challenges caused by upgrades to other applications.
Most notably in the latter category would be a Windows 7 upgrade or a CAD software upgrade.

This post addresses how to check your Canon iPF device for upgrades. The most popular devices that BPI has in the field are the Canon iPF650, Canon iPF750, and Canon iPF755.

The first thing you need to do is to determine your existing software and firmware versions. Next, compare the existing versions to the current versions. Finally, elect the next steps going forward, which will include obtaining the updated software or firmware.

Windows Printer Driver

To determine your existing version of the Windows Driver, find the printer object on your PC/Laptop. In most cases you should be able to access this through the Control Panel.

In Windows 7, a simple right-click on your Canon and a left-click on Printing Preferences will get you to this screen:

Next, click on About.  The second line, which reads Version, provides the information for your existing version of the Windows Driver.


For the Printer firmware, you need to be in front of the printer itself.

Use the printer’s scroll wheel to go to the last menu choice on the left, the Settings/Adj. Menu.  Scroll to page three, Printer Info.  Then scroll down to System Info.  You should see a screen that looks like this:

The information for your existing firmware version is on the Firmware line.

Check for updates

Once you have gathered the above information, you can determine the next course of action. The most current software version for the three printers listed at the beginning of this article is Windows printer driver version 4.43. The most current firmware version for those three printers is version 1.22.

All updated software and firmware versions are available for download on the Canon Support Site, or they can be installed by BPI.


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