Color Production – Success Story

10 Apr

As BPI’s Color Production evolves, we have learned a few things from some very experienced clients. Everything is a driven by the client’s needs.  In the past months, we’ve been spending a significant amount of time learning the color production world.  Specifically, in asking the proper questions so that we can exceed your expectations when we deliver the final product.

Recently we produced a 53-piece project with an assortment of pieces that varied in size. The size was specific–down to the 1/1000th of an inch. This was an intricate piece of the project because the pieces we were producing needed to fit in existing frame work.  The slightest difference in size would have kept the prints from being perfectly fit into existing hardware.  If the fit wasn’t perfect, the client wasn’t able to represent themselves in the highest regard of professionalism.  Failure was not an option.

Our Color Production team worked long, hard hours to meet the demands of the job within the required schedule. After the proofs were accepted, the real work began. During the production of the project, our team realized that the material that was to be used would not aptly fit the client’s requirement.  Rather than produce what we were asked to do, we intervened and pitched our reasoning on using a different material.

This accomplished two things:

  • We were again able to prove that BPI is a partner in these projects vs. simply being a production supplier. We work in your best interests because they are our best interests as well.
  • BPI was also able to prove our professional knowledge of color production requirements. BPI was able to back up our sales pitch with professional results, and results were exactly what we accomplished.

The job was completed on time, on budget, and above the standards that were asked of our team.

In the end, we’ve earned a long term partner and have the opportunity to share this success with other potential clients so that we can expand on our opportunities in the color production world.


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