Canvas Printing

8 May

In the mind of a marketing professional, all output is nothing short of art (wink, wink).  In some cases, it really is art and is worthy of hanging on the wall.  In those instances, why not materialize your hard work by printing it to canvas and framing it for all to see?  I’m sure there are a few clients, owners, and bosses that would certainly like to hang your hard work on their wall . . . or, at a minimum, their vision, project, building, staff outing, etc.

Here is what you need to know:

Frames and canvas can be bought to run through your existing ink jet plotters.  Your unit will determine the quality of your output.  The easier route and guaranteed way of accomplishing a professionally done job is to send your file to professionals.  This is where BPI comes into the picture, no pun intended.  In either case, BPI has the staff and know-how to get you from Point A to Point B.

There are two basic styles of printing you can have done.  The most common is called the Gallery Wrap.  This is where your print wraps around all sides of the frame and you cannot see any kind of framework or fasteners.  The second style is the Museum Wrap.  This is where the image shows only on the front of the frame and the 4 sides are all of solid color.  Choosing is really a matter of opinion, desire, or taste.

Two very common types of canvas include a very stretchy, high polyester blend that does what it sounds like it does–stretches very well around a frame without cracking the ink in the process.  The pigment or dye ink from the inkjet printer saturates the media very well, giving you museum-quality results.  The second type has a water-resistant coating, giving you some protection from liquids and allows for smudge-free handling and finishing.


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