Formula for Success

26 Jun

There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball.  There are a number of distinguishing characteristics that propel a team to a higher level of performance, consistent success, and ultimately a World Series Championship.  Superstars, solid pitching staff, veteran leadership on the field and in the clubhouse, a strong bench, base path speed, power hitting, a late season player addition, and even the “intangibles” and are often mentioned when describing the World Series Championship Team.

While all these characteristics play a role in contributing to a champion team’s success, none of this could have been accomplished without all the players working together and performing at the highest level of teamwork.  BPI has many of the same characteristics mentioned above, but one of the consistently demonstrated attributes of the organization is its employees working as a team.

Such was the case on a recent project which began as an innocent phone call received at 7:30 p.m. one evening. A fellow ReproMAX partner located in New York called and inquired if BPI had three handy employees to assist in a project scheduled in the Milwaukee area for the following week. As the project progressed, BPI’s large format color department was tasked with coordinating numerous vendors for stage production, producing large format color outputs, stage construction, and full-set assembly and installation for a professional production company.

Beyond the color department’s contributions, many other members of the BPI organization were called upon to utilize their ingenuity, creativity, and experience to complete the project to the client’s expectation. Given the tight timeline, the undertaking grew in proportion and couldn’t be accomplished without all the inputs, knowledge, work ethic, and skills of the entire BPI Team. What began as a commitment to a fellow ReproMAX member turned into a challenge that BPI had to use all its skills and resources and, most importantly, teamwork to accomplish on a tight deadline. These are the same characteristics we bring to our clients on a daily basis.

In the end, BPI successfully collaborated with a major production company, Major League Baseball, and its ReproMAX partners, Cushing Company and NRI, to accomplish a professional offering.

The employees of BPI, through the years, have continuously demonstrated this level of teamwork and commitment to client satisfaction, and have utilized these types of opportunities to improve and expand BPI’s services time and again.

This experience was invaluable to the continuous expansion of BPI’s large format color skills, knowledge, expertise, and insight. Meeting this client’s extremely aggressive timeline proved that the BPI team will step up to any challenge and can continue to create the successes the employees of BPI’s team deliver.


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