Banners, Signs, and Posters… Oh, My!

31 Jul

“I don’t want to buy signs, I want to induce sales!”

Well, isn’t that the truth?! Practical businesspeople don’t sit around thinking about how to spend precious revenue on silly signs… unless those silly signs will directly influence their customer base to purchase more.

Approximately 70% of all retail purchases are made on impulse. With that in mind, consider how applying a multi-tier marketing campaign can put greenbacks in your pocket and set in motion a course of events that leaves your customers fighting their own natural impulses and wanting to buy from you immediately.

Window signage: Use window signs to attract interest and draw customers into your store. It only takes an instant for a customer to reason whether or not your store is a necessary place to be. Therefore, be sure to use your signage to answer the question customers may be asking themselves: “What’s in the store for ME?”

Banners: A window sign is great for getting customers into your store, but what are the customers supposed to do once inside? A customer can lose interest quickly without supporting signage–that is, signage that supports the message on the window and leads the customer deeper into the store. Banners, specifically those with movement (place near the A/C ducts or heating vents to capture air flow), are perfect for adding such depth and support.

So, the customer has been drawn into your store via the window sign, followed supporting banners back into Aisle 52, and is closely approaching the final destination. You’ve gotten the customer to where you wanted. It’s a done deal, right? Well, not exactly.

Posters: Utilize posters to take advantage of complementary marketing strategies, recommending products complementary to the one you started off promoting. A poster is like an inside salesperson, making logical recommendations for products that complement what the customer is about to purchase.

Finally, what do we all do when we’re impatiently waiting in line at the checkout register? (That is, if we’re not on our smart phones conquering Angry Birds level 3-15.) We look around to see what else we just have to purchase before we walk out the door. Capitalize on those last customer looks with posters and banners that encourage last-minute impulse purchases at the register.

Remember, customers’ attention spans are short. If you’re not changing your promotions, sizes of the signage, or color configurations, you just are not going to gain or keep their attention.


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