History of Blueprinting

14 Aug

BPI, Inc. is a long-standing reprographics organization that has been providing the Architectural, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) industry with replications of drawings needed to communicate an industry professional’s intent on any given project.

In the 1950’s, we did this with a Diazo chemical print process known as blueline. Although this was a time consuming, expensive, and tasking process that required care and caution due to the use of chemicals, we were capable of replicating an original size drawing in a faster, more accurate timeframe than it would take to draw another.

In the 1970’s, HP developed the pen plotter, which increased the speed of the replication two-fold in addition to removing the need for the chemical reaction required to make the Diazo print process work. This was indeed an industry game changer, and BPI was one of the first reprographics companies in Wisconsin to bring this technology to the AEC industry.

Fast forward a few years, and the toner-based and inkjet-based plotters made their way into the market. Technological improvements, increased speed of replications, and decreased costs assisted in improving the cost-effectiveness and time management of the construction bid process.

Now move into the present where BPI remains a trusted partner in providing organizations with the latest technological improvements to decrease costs and increase the speed of construction processes in bidding, construction, and closeout phases through the adaptation of web-based collaboration systems. It’s now possible to utilize the cloud to manage bidding documents, RFIs, submittals, general communications, and closeout.

Over the past 50+ years, the AEC industry has experienced a number of advancements in technology that have improved day-to-day activities. As a company that continues to exceed expectations, BPI may have started out as a blueprint company, but today we’re anything but.


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