Back to School

29 Aug

BPI just delivered the last piece of a large color order to Bethesda Elementary School in Waukesha last week. They had already installed some of the pieces we previously delivered.

The background to the story is that each school year the principal creates a list of character traits. Those traits are associated to a month of the school year. The students that emulate the given trait during the associated month are recognized at a luncheon at month end and put into the “Behavior Hall of Fame.”

In the summer of 2010, the woman who hand cut felt letters for the character trait signs developed arthritis and was no longer able to make the signs. The principal was looking for ways to create the signs with a short turn around time.

As it happened, that same summer BPI purchased an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 solvent printer and hired our first color production specialist. Our first double-sided job on the Epson was the character trait banner job in mid-August 2010. The material used was a double-sided scrim vinyl.

Each school year, the character traits change. This year, they changed specifically because the kindergarten class is taking on a bilingual atmosphere. Thus, the character traits are two-sided, but English is on one side and Spanish is on the other.

Seeing the good work BPI performed with the banners in 2010, the principal returned to us and wanted directional signs and classroom signs. BPI printed those for the first time in 2011 on a 14 mil poly vinyl. This year, we reprinted a variety of signs to accommodate the bilingual nature of the school.


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