Apps Everywhere

18 Sep

Hundreds of thousands of apps exist today. There are apps that can do everything from convert metric measurement to standard measurement, game apps, and punch lists for contractors to perform closeouts. So where to plotters fit into the mix?

KIP America has been the leading innovator in wide format printing for decades. They have historically been a step ahead of what the market bears year after year with incorporating useful technological advancements into their KIP wide format plotter lineup. This statement has held true right into the digital age. When plotters started incorporating hard drives to increase processing times, KIP was on board. When the user determined accessing the user network at the plotter would increase productivity, KIP added the PC, later upgrading it to the touchscreen. When apps flooded the world, KIP invested once again. Now, the first few apps set to work with KIP print engines have been inserted into the marketplace.

Cloud Apps. Email copied/scanned documents to anyone anywhere in the world. Conversely, email to your KIP the documents you need printed.

Web-based Apps. The most robust batch submittal, file viewing, print management tool on the market, completely accessible from—you guessed it—the internet.

iPad Apps. KIP even has an app for the iPad. Connect as many as 5 KIP plotters with this app and use it to view, scale, and submit prints and view and manage print queues.

Visit BPI’s website to learn more about any of the new KIP apps.


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