Honor Flight

8 Nov

BPI offers special thanks to our US Veterans on this day and every day. Thank you for your service!

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight of Wisconsin is an organization that brings World War II veterans to Washington DC to see the World War II Memorial that was completed and dedicated in May of 2004. The trip is provided free of charge to veterans, while each veteran’s daily guardian pays a small price to help offset costs. All remaining fees are paid via donations and fundraising activities.

One successful fundraising event is the Golf and Dinner Fundraiser at Western Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee, WI.

PLM Paving‘s Tim Opie reached out to his friend, Chris Wright, about Western Lakes hosting the first outing in 2011. Chris is the co-owner and Catering Director of Saz’s Catering Lake Country that operates out of Western Lakes Golf Club.  As Chris recalls, “After I read about the program and what they were doing for the veterans, there was no way I could not be involved.” Chris started the ball rolling at Western Lakes by actively engaging his team in the fundraiser.

One critical key to the fundraiser’s success, they found, is proper promotion. Chris and BPI Inc. had partnered in the past to create promotional signs for Mother’s Day and Easter celebrations at the golf club. It was a natural transition for BPI’s Color Department to develop designs and graphics to elevate the public’s exposure to the important Golf and Dinner Fundraiser. Chris confirms, “BPI’s attention to detail and time commitment resulted in a great product and was a great addition to this event.”

The success of the fundraiser is a great testimonial for BPI; however, the experience of honoring our country’s military veterans in this significant way is of value to all involved.

The National Honor Flight Network was conceived by Earl Morse in 2005.
The Wisconsin Chapter was was started by Joe Dean with their inaugural flight in 2008. 

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