Social Media and the News

13 Nov

There was big news in the last two weeks, and unless you lived under a rock (and the rock didn’t get washed away), you heard the news. The key question is, “HOW did you hear the news?”

How did you hear about the devastation from Super Storm Sandy? What about the purchase of Lucas Arts? Social media platforms could not stop talking about these two events for days, and in the case of Sandy, social media will continue to cover the topics for days to come.

To give you a proper example of how powerful social media can be, listed below is exactly how we followed the big news.

We knew about Sandy for days before it hit the East Coast, so it was not news that the hurricane was coming. What amazed us the most was the coverage. It seemed like there were thousands of posts per minute as #Sandy was trending for days before, after, and during the storm. It was a great time to see just how powerful social media can be. Tweets and re-tweets shared opportunities to donate money or volunteer to help and described the effects the storm had on the East Coast.

The “twitter-verse” was also a buzz with the buyout of Lucas Arts by Disney. Millions of Star Wars fans tweeted in anguish about how the new Star Wars movie could turn out, ourselves included. We immediately went to Reddit to see what other fans thought about this surprising news. Within a very short time, Reddit already had dozens of individual links to read about the big news.

Staying away from social media is almost impossible, and when it has this big of an impact with its quick news coverage, who would want to? News that used to take hours or even days to be received can now be seen globally in minutes or even seconds. More and more people are staying informed with Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and many other social media sites. Applications such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, and GoToMeeting have changed the way communication is handled over distance. The big question now is, “How will your business use these tools to its benefit?”


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