Extracting Multi Page PDF via Request

27 Nov

Once in a while you may want to extract your multiple page PDF to allow for better file manipulation. If you have KIP Request installed, you have the tool to extract that file into many pages.

With Request open, tag the multiple page PDF file in the Request Explorer window by placing a checkmark in the box by the file name.

Right Click on the File.

Left Click on Convert Tagged To, then left Click on PDF Adobe.

The following window should appear:

You should select Specific Folder and use the adjacent window to select the proper location.

Once done, click OK. The Multiple page PDF extraction will start. There is no confirmation window to indicate that the extraction is complete. Rather, the screen showing the files processed will disappear.

The file names will appear as original filename-xxx.pdf. For example, if the original file name was “Test.pdf,” the extracted files would be named “test-001.pdf,” “test-002.pdf,” etc.


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