Year End Thoughts: Budgets and Balance

19 Dec

2012 to 2013As many companies are preparing to close out what hopefully was a productive and prosperous year, they are also busy planning for the challenges 2013 holds. As with many other businesses and industries, markets continue to undergo significant and rapidly accelerating changes. One of a company’s highest priorities should always be firmly centered on achieving client satisfaction and meeting its ongoing requirements. Adding value to clients with service solutions and aggressively pursuing profitable new services that will provide opportunity for them going forward are equally important priorities.

For any organization focused on achieving these objectives, this requires a team of engaged employees with clear goals, commitment to improvement, relationship building skills, adaptability, depth of understanding, a willingness to take risks, and, finally, the right attitude. Billy Arcement, a business leadership strategist, recently described it this way:

The world reflects the attitude you give it. Look at life like a mirror. The reflection you get in a mirror is similar to the reflection we get from the world based upon our actions.”

As you approach both the professional and personal challenges that lay ahead in 2013, there will always be an uncertainty to the future. Regardless of whatever news source someone frequents today, you hear about teetering on the edge of financial cliffs, the threat of global recession, horrific and almost unimaginable acts of evil in communities, and the continuing devastation of super storms. The challenges we face on a daily basis with time management, commitments, managing workloads, and just keeping up seem to pale in comparison. However, sometimes keeping the proper perspective and balance becomes the real challenge.

As the fresh beginning of a new year rapidly approaches, be sure to reflect and take pride in your past accomplishments and achievements. Chances are, you have many of the qualities and characteristics mentioned above. Equally important are taking stock and learning the lessons of failure and identifying characteristics or habits which may need focus during the upcoming year. Plan and strive for the appropriate balance in both your personal and professional lives while incorporating health, fitness, learning, finances, spirituality, and family. 

Good luck and have a happy holiday season.


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