LinkedIn Connector

26 Mar

Outlook ConnectorMore and more business professionals of all industries are moving over to the social media site LinkedIn. What they’re finding is that the people they work with, people they want to work with, companies they want to work for, and a wealth of information on or about their industry is all there. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the number one social media website currently on the market for the professional user. So what to do with all that information? Or, more importantly, how can you integrate it into your daily agenda without having to constantly check the LinkedIn website?

One way is to download the LinkedIn app to your smart phone, which will give you instant access to your connections, home page with industry information, and all activities going on in your network and groups. This is a convenient way to stay in contact with LinkedIn, but it is a battery drainer. It is also not very fast (depending on your connection and availability of Wi-Fi hotspots) or easy to search for specific connections and their information.

A better option is to download the Outlook Social Connector that LinkedIn provides at no cost. Simply download the connector, agree to allow permissions within your Outlook and go from using both the LinkedIn website and Outlook independently to running LinkedIn within your Outlook – in real time.

Having all of your LinkedIn connections and contacts accessible through your mobile device can be very valuable, even more so when you are out of the office and need to find information fast. As a bonus, all of the up-to-date information that your connections have put on their profiles, including their activities, mail message history, attachments (if any), meetings, and status updates will be displayed. Not only does this information build into their contact tab in your outlook, it also populates as a preview when you write them an email.


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