Great in Business

7 May

Have you considered how great sports teams become great?  It’s the same way a business becomes great. It’s not by chance, but through hard work, long hours, and ensuring all involved know the plays in the play book and perfect the skills in their respective positions.

FootballThat means first-string position players not only lift weights and practice every day.  They also relentlessly study to perfect their skills and talents in the positions for which they are 100% responsible to the team.  Furthermore, the players consistently watch films and look for new techniques that help incrementally increase and deliver success for their teammates.

I believe strongly that business today is more like a team sport than ever before!

Think about a successful football team.  The offense is made up of 11 very distinct positions, each with a different purpose, depending upon a particular play’s requirements.  Each offensive player is responsible to not only the other ten players on the field, but also the team’s 11 defensive players.  If the offense moves backwards, those 11 defenders have a much more difficult task.

In business today, just as in sports, there are many moving pieces and parts that must be coordinated in order to deliver excellence.  Like the best sports teams, product/service coordination and customer service must be delivered flawlessly or the competition will win because of holes in your team’s deliverable.

It’s said that football is a “game of inches.” So, too, is business. Making even small mistakes with your customers leaves open holes for the competition to fill. And there’s enough competition out there for the customer to look elsewhere every time.

If you or your teammates are not delivering your very best and developing new talents and skills for the next page in the play book, it’s time to move some people to the second string and pick up a free agent.  Or, give a current second-string aggressive player a chance to fill the hole.  Do it before somebody gets hurt or, in this case, a customer is lost.


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