Succeed with an Ethical Sales Circle

4 Jun

“You do sales for a living? How do you sleep with yourself at night?”

Sales CircleEvery so often, the members of the BPI Sales Team get asked the above question.  The truth is, a career in sales is a delicate one.  While the primary goal is to generate revenue by selling, there’s also an obligation to the customer to be fair and ethical.

Those two tenets aren’t mutually exclusive, however.  In fact, in a successful organization, sales and ethics go hand in hand.  Instead of a sales “cycle,” the company actually functions around a sales “circle.”

  1. Provide a quality product or service
  2. Do the right thing for the customer
  3. Earn a reasonable profit
  4. Invest profits in supplies and service

A successful sales circle begins with quality products and service.  If your product or service isn’t up to par, customers will let you know by spending their money elsewhere.

Simply stated, customers are THE source of a business’s revenue.  Without customers, there’s no opportunity for business. Period.

So rather than going into a potential sale with the goal of “ripping off” a customer, a salesperson must do the right thing for the customer and trust that repeat business is sure to follow. Even though a truckload of money may not be earned on each sale, it’s imperative to always do the right thing for the customer.

Obviously, the salesperson needs to earn some measurable profit on the equipment and services sold.  If no profit is earned, the company can’t stay in business.  Therefore, the salesperson should work toward a reasonable profit margin that allows BOTH companies to benefit and thrive.  Inevitably, there’s a balance that must be obtained.

Finally, it’s essential to take some portion of the earned profits and faithfully invest back into the company’s infrastructure so facilitation of quality products and superior service can be maintained for the attraction of future sales.


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