Move Complete!

11 Jun

The Madison West facility moved to its new location of 640 South Whitney Way 10 days ago.  The dust has settled and all the sore muscles are back to normal.

Madison WestWe had been at the Mineral Point road location since 2007.  That location had served us well in 2008 and 2009, but for the last 18 months our opportunities and services were being limited.  These limitations became crystal clear to all of us when we upgraded our Small format Color and Black and White copiers back in December of 2012.

There were many considerations in order to minimize disruption to the routines of our clients and to maximize our future.   The BPI team circled the wagons and took the appropriate Business approach to our dilemma.

Our concerns included what business properties do we consider on the West Side for relocation based on current client requirements and the future BPI products that will be delivered in the next 3-6 months in some cases to entirely different clients? Also how will we get the message across that we are relocating to our infrequent as well as our frequent customers?

Our first customer was an infrequent user but a  10+ year friend of the company, Bill Martinelli.  Bill got the message and knew we would be open for business Monday June 3rd but, was in the neighborhood Saturday so he stopped in 11:10 am and became our first “official” customer !  Thanks Bill for the loyalty and support.

The Facility Manager Josh Crowe indicates that “this larger space will allow us to better serve the clients on greater range of products.  We are very excited for this new location.”

We have also added some previously unseen photos to this big move for our West Side location at


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