Texting in Business

24 Sep

Texting is the new email…depending on who you are or, more specifically, what generation you come from. Texting is arguably the quickest form of interpersonal digital communication.Texting  With email, you never know how long it will be until your recipient opens your message.  And, similar to snail mail (USPS), even though you sent off your letter, it could be days before you get a response.  In certain situations this is acceptable, like a bid request, but we’ll save that argument for another post.

Texting, like email, carries the inherent problem of whether or not your message is being read in the context in which it was written.  Here are some helpful tips on what to consider before pressing that send button!

  1. Don’t text indecipherable abbreviations.  Abbreviating in a text is acceptable and common.  Just make sure your recipient knows what your abbreviations stand for. U no wt im sng?
  2. Don’t text while driving.  There is good reason why 39 US states have banned text messages for all drivers. It’s just plain unsafe.  If it’s that important to text or respond, pull over to the side of the road.  Use your Bluetooth or other hands-free device with your phone’s voice-to-text feature.
  3. Texting etiquette will tell you that using ALL CAPS MEANS YELLING, obnoxious, angry, etc.  Just like in email, texting with all caps conveys a special kind of message.  Make sure if you are writing in all caps, it’s on purpose.
  4. Keep your messages short and to the point.  A long, drawn out message has no place in the texting world.  If you have a message that requires great detail, make a phone call, meet in person, or send an email.  By no means should bad news be delivered via text.  We are talking about texting in business here.  Your credibility is on the line.
  5. If you can use Google to find the answer to a question you have, do so.  Don’t text someone your question. (Our personal favorite!)

All in all, texting can be of great value in the business world. But before you begin texting all of your contacts, make sure the recipient parties agree. It takes two to text!


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