U Pointer

1 Oct

We are proud to announce that BPI Inc. is a  U-Pointer™ authorized reseller.  We had the pleasure of having David Fuller here on site during our 2 Day Open House/Client Appreciation Days a couple of weeks ago to show us the product first hand.  The  U-Pointer™ is distributed by Bald Technologies in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The U-Pointer™ is a tool that converts a projected image or plasma into an interactive workstation.  The product comes with I-Pro™, a precise annotation software while still allowing users to integrate any 3rd party software.  The U-Pointer™ can be mounted in the vertical or horizontal position thus successfully adapting to users’ specific needs.

What It Does

  • Turns physical surfaces into interactive surfaces
  • Allows users to have an interactive whiteboard at the location of choice
  • Quickly capture, annotate, & distribute ideas
  • Enhances most screen sharing programs

Features & Benefits

  • Fully integrated voice, video and annotation recording
  • Extremely precise and portable
  • Unlimited software downloads
  • Projector, plasma & software agnostic
  • Quick installation

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