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Jumping in Head First

16 Aug

The new world order includes incorporating social media into your marketing plan and strategy.  BPI is no different and along with adapting our organization to meet the needs of technologically driven customers and tweaking our logo, the move towards a social media strategy is also well under way.

Over the next couple of months you are going to read and view a wide variety of subjects on this site as well as our Facebook and Twitter account.  This is all being done to help educate you as our valued client on the products and services that BPI has to offer.

Topics will include everything from technical notes on how to operate your KIP to the best use of a Document Fulfillment System (DFS) for document management and how to potentially use different Color applications to enhance your presentations and marketing efforts at trade shows and or fund raisers.

As always, we appreciate your business, but especially your feedback and comments so we can better serve you and your community.

Enjoy the balance of this Great Summer.

Entrance Music

24 Jun

Took a couple clients to the Brewers game this past week. Had some good laughs and stayed dry with all the rain we were having. The only down side of the day was that the team lost.

But something that I noticed was that each Brewer coming to the play has their own entrance music. A song that they feel represents them as they come to the plate. Ryan Braun has “H.A.M” by Kanye West and Rickie Weeks has “Hustle Hard” by Ace Hood. The rest of the list of the current Brewer entrance songs are here.

It got me thinking. Just like your own personal brand, what is your Entrance Song? Do you pick one that the lyrics describe you OR do you take one that the beat is all about who you are?

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