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KIP 70 Series

10 Sep

Kip70SeriesBPI Inc is a proud Blue Ribbon Dealer for KIP America products.  We are excited to announce the new KIP 70 Series of printers.

Some of the features from the 7170 / 7770 / 7970 include:

Smart, Multi-Touch Controls

All system functions of the KIP 70 Series are performed through its large, 12″ display with vivid multi-touch color controls that instantly respond to your touch.

New Super-View Image Control

The high resolution multi-touch screen provides copy, scan and print previews, allowing you to instantly view b&w and color images. Multi-touch controls allow you to zoom, rotate and pan the image preview.

Smart, Multi-Touch Controls

Tap, Swipe, Rotate, Spread and Pinch to get a large, full color look at image files before you print, make changes and see your results immediately.

New KIP Cloud Connect

The KIP 70 Series provides walk up users with the ability to print from or scan to the cloud of their choice right from the multi-touch control display. This cloud enabled function allows individuals or groups to create a link to a cloud destination for storage & collaboration.

You’ve got access to everything in your cloud wherever you are: Your photos, documents, and other important files are available on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. In short, your files and info aren’t stuck on any single PC or device.

New KIP Color Plus

KIP Color Plus is a versatile color copy, scan and print application supported by the multi-touch control display. KIP Color Plus features integrated collated sets printing and advanced color print management for up to three connected printers.

New Space Saving Top Stacking Design

The KIP 70 Series features an innovative top stacking design that fits where you need it – in tight spaces  or against a wall, delivering easy access to all system features and enhancing workflow productivity.

BPI Inc will have the KIP 7170 on display at both Open Houses next week.


3 Sep

Client Appreciation Day

To show our appreciation, we are celebrating with a complimentary lunch served all day!  Please stop by either our Milwaukee or NEW Madison location to mingle with our BPI Staff, eat some lunch, and check out the great equipment and services we will have on display!

High Production Color Print System

13 Aug
The KIP America C7800 is a wide-format color printer for everything from architectural, engineering and construction plans to maps, posters and signs. The system is a comprehensive solution for a range of wide format printing tasks —without sacrificing quality or performance.

The KIP America C7800 has an impressive resume:

  • The speed of the C7800 means clients have the ability to print 540 ‘D’ size sheets in one hour in full color. Print any job from full color posters to color line drawings to color renderings. Essentially, no job is too much for the KIP C7800.11 ‘D’ size black and white prints per minute
  • 9 ‘D’ size full color prints per minute – Color line drawings or full color posters
  • Prints at 600 DPI resolution
  • Holds three (3) rolls of media and has an auto sheet feeder bypass tray
  • Handles various media formats including indoor media, outdoor media, and back lit graphics
  • Prints images up to 130’
  • Comes complete with KIP Print and its own RIP software for better color management


The KIP America C7800 offers improved speed and quality over the KIP Color 80 (KC 80). The weight of the C7800 has been cut in half versus the weight of the KC 80. However, similar to the KC80, the C7800 is lightfast, odorless, and waterproof. That means no running, no smearing, no fading, and no permeating scents. Instead, image quality remains the same as on the day it was printed.

The C7800’s workflow provides powerful print control for any production environment from a range of print submission applications, cloud printing, scan and copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding. The KIP America C7800 saves serious time and money, making ultra high quality wide format printing more cost effective than ever before. Printing is faster. Operation is simpler. Finishing is automatic. Reliability keeps you up and running. Image quality keeps customers coming back for more.

Adding the KIP America C7800 to BPI Inc.’s repertoire gives us yet another value add—the ability to print exceptionally fast, high-quality color documents in both the Madison and Milwaukee markets with blazing fast turn times.


30 Jul

[ Editors Note:  Over the past couple of months we have received a number of emails on our Service Email account of that we thought would be a great service to all of our clients, not just those that originally asked the question.  We decided this would be a great forum to provide another service to our clients.  Some of the questions have been edited ]

Q:  I just upgraded to AutoCAD 2013 and now my KIP is not printing correctly.  What should we do?


A:  The short answer is that an upgrade of the KIP HDI drivers is probably in order.  The longer answer is that almost every time a new version of AutoCAD is released (minus Revit, because Revit uses the Windows Driver) a new version of the HDI drivers for the KIP are also released.  The KIP AutoCAD HDI has been designed to quickly and effectively print to the KIP printer directly from the AutoCAD application installed on your supported Microsoft Windows operating system machine.  If you are using the accounting features to track jobs, those jobs can also be tracked through the AutoCAD driver.

At the time of this posting, version 6.06 was the current version for machines running KIP 7.0 or highe.

Q:     Why do my prints to the KIP look different when I print thru different applications?

A:  Similar to the first question, it is driver and application related answer.  By the nature of how the KIP processes the original files to its native format for printing (TLC), the output could be different.

A print using the Microsoft Windows driver printing from Adobe Acrobat may look different than a print that uses Request/KIP Print, may look different than a print coming directly from AutoCAD.  Let’s break this down a little bit more.

The Windows driver processes the file a little bit different as it runs through your Windows based machine.  When using Request/KIP Print, the file is sent directly to the KIP printer engine, and in AutoCAD it is using a different driver to translate the file that you are printing.

They are three distinct and different processes that each use a different piece of software to do file conversion before printing.  KIP has done a great job over the past years to eliminate more and more of this print differences so much so that the results are almost negligible at this point.  But only if your drivers and KIP Printer are up to date with the most current versions.

Send us your questions and comments, and we will answer them in a future post.

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