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Client Appreciation Open House

20 Aug

We are excited to announce

Open House


Clients are the Priority

2 Jul

We sell good products and we would like to think that we as a company take good care of each of you, as our client in very good fashion.  Sometimes things just happen.


It can happen for many reasons.  It may be because the machine broke down in the middle of a big job right before the prints were needed for the boss to catch a plane.  It may be because of an on-going problem.  It could be because something changed within the environment at your site, such as a new server, new operating system, or a new desktop computer.  Whatever the reason the first thing we do is LISTEN.  Yes, we listen to you and make a list of your concerns.  We let you vent first and then we try to assess the situation.

It could be mechanical, software related, a network problem, or file specific.  It could be a new server, new workstations, or new software.  It might be that the printer is just too small for the job.  Bad paper or the wrong paper type can also cause problems.  It could also be a line voltage problem or that the machine is just getting too old.  It may be that some users may require more training.  After assessing the situation we ask you what you expect us to do for you.

We are here to help.  We are here to make it right.  It may not always happen as fast as everyone wants but we will make it right.  At this point in time we give you the reality of the situation.  We come up with a plan and offer up solutions.  If the answer is to fix and or repair the unit we will do that first and work out a fair equitable billing plan once we know what the damage entails.  If it takes printing the sets at a BPI Inc. location we can do that too.  Whatever it takes is something we talk about internally all the time in the office.

At times the solution will be to schedule more operating training.  To educate the customer’s key people so that they will feel comfortable clearing jams, changing toner, and changing defaults on the screen.

The reasons vary for the complaints, as will the solutions.  Personalities and the dollars also come into play.  Every situation is different.  As my great Grandpa Schimgdellaza once said, “given enough time and money I’ve rarely seen a situation that couldn’t be fixed!”

We are here to help! We are here for the long haul and want your repeat business.  Hopefully we will earn a referral from you and be more than satisfied with your experience with BPI and the products and services we sell.

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