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KIP Cloud Printing

9 May

KIP America recently announced that they released a Cloud printing application.

KIP Cloud Printing

From their marketing materials, Cloud Printing is sending prints locally or globally simply using any email capable device / software. Users can send single or multiple files to KIP systems connected to a network or the internet by e-mail. There is no requirement to install additional software on the workstation, laptop or portable device (such as a smart-phone or touch pad) with email capabilities.

This functionality is only available on KIP system model(s) KIP 700m, KIP 7100, KIP 7700, KIP 7900, or KIP 9900.

This has been installed and successfully tested in the BPI Demonstation room.  Great new features that make printing even easier and will allow you to print from anywhere.

The system requirements are minimal:

• Connection to the email server for the KIP system (via the internet or intranet)
• A valid email address with email server credentials from the email provider for simple configuration
• KIP system software, version 7.2.280 or higher

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