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Bid Your Project Digitally

7 Aug

“I’ve got a project coming up, and I’m going to need to print approximately 30 sets of 100 architectural ‘D’ sized (24”x36”) prints to bid out. What are you going to charge me? Can I get a deal or a volume discount? Also, I am going to want you to keep track of who took a set. Oh, by the way, we’ll also need you to collect and manage deposits payable to our company as well.”

In today’s marketplace, this scenario is still very common, and with the technology we have at our disposal, it boggles us as to why. The best answer we can come up with is that we haven’t done a good enough job of sharing new technology tools with you, our partners.

At BPI, we have a very fast, convenient, organized way of managing your bidding process while reducing your printing costs. The service we are referring to is our BPI Planroom. The first step we take is getting you connected with one of our very knowledgeable Construction Information Managers, hereafter referred to as a CIM. Your CIM is your own personal BPI representative allocated specifically to your project information management needs. Your CIM will assist you in taking your bid documents and Ad for Bid or Invite to Bid to one of these web portals: BPI’s Public Portal; BPI’s Private Portal; or a Custom Portal, branded specifically to your project.

Within the portal, you can specify a number of things through permissions, including opening the project up for bid to the general public or locking it down to your very specific “invite only” list of recipients. The Bid Notification can be distributed to your recipient list via the internal notification system. When your recipient receives an email notifying them of the bid opportunity, they can simply click a link taking them directly to your project. Once they’ve viewed the bid documents and determined they are going to bid on a portion of the work, there are a number of ways to get the bid documents into their estimating team’s hands, including digital downloads, prints ordered and delivered by a shipping company, or from the friendly BPI staff in your area. All actions taken within the portal are tracked. This allows for multiple reports to be generated within BPI Planroom. There is no need to keep a separate planholders list, because your CIM can quickly run a real time report providing you with information such as who the plan holders are and whether they ordered hard copy prints or digital downloads.

If you have any addenda, they also can be loaded into the portal and managed with the notification tool, thus providing you with a considerable advantage over your competitors. You will have the ability to get your addendum notification out within a very short amount of time. Time is always of the essence. Your CIM updates your portal with the accompanying documentation and your bids get back to you fast.

Finally, once you’ve awarded work and you no longer need the portal, your CIM will close it out for you by archiving it to our secure backup. Or, you can continue to manage the construction phase via the BPI Planroom. A closeout of the project data is available, providing you with a reliable digital record of the bid process, which may come in handy if  litigation were to arise later in the project life cycle. What a great way to keep your organization protected from “he said, she said” or  “we’re not sure” scenarios! In addition, it gives you a very tech savvy professional method of delivering this information to your management or owner team.


Taming the Beast

8 Nov

In the last five years, BPI has earned opportunities to partner with prestigious companies on three of Wisconsin’s largest construction projects ranging from $85 million to over $2 billion. One such opportunity included Wisconsin’s largest hospital construction project, while another gave BPI the experience of working with global partners in New York and Japan on Wisconsin’s largest private construction project. A third opportunity includes Wisconsin’s largest public housing development and the largest tax credit allocation in Wisconsin’s history. In all circumstances, BPI is able to deliver customer excellence using a variety of industry tools.

In 2006, BPI began a 4-year partnership with a large health organization in the City of Milwaukee. BPI’s responsibilities included using KIP large & small format copy/scan/print equipment along with various software’s for implementation and execution of the following items:

  • more than 90% of print work
  • online plan availability
  • collaboration with architects, including the lead architect in St. Louis, MO
  • onsite scanning by BPI personnel at customer site of all construction documents at project closeout
  • complete plan index with proper nomenclature/terminology to provide plan description and document consistency

While execution is key, communication is also of critical importance. BPI honed communication skills while partnering with an overseas customer that had headquarters in New York and Japan. BPI’s Milwaukee office hosted several of the customer’s Japanese officials while using all the latest industry tools and knowledge to work through assorted logistics, such as:

  • printing and assembly of closeout and O&M manuals
  • hundreds of thousands of originals sized from 8.5×11” to 36×48”
  • documents including both color and black and white images
  • training of construction site personnel
  • final product shipment to Japanese headquarters

A vital component in both execution and communication is timing. Using DFS software, BPI is able to closely partner with a local housing authority to provide the most up-to-date, quality digital drawings at the construction site. The primary outcomes are invaluable:

  • Having the most recent sets of drawings and documents means timely information is not jeopardized and smooth workflow continues
  • Elimination of inaccurate, poor-quality, or unreadable drawings reduces confusion and onsite errors
  • Contractors had the ability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  to find, view, order printed hard copy plans (available from any of our 4 local BPI facilities) or download digital files directly from the site for instant access and print

Large construction projects and printing jobs can become unruly and take on lives of their own. Each project can become a beast that delays progress and affects the bottom line of all parties involved. Leading companies, both local and global, count on BPI’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff to tame the beast and assure execution, uninterrupted communication, and appropriate timing. BPI commits to its partnerships by using the proper industry tools to provide customer excellence from each project’s concept to its completion.

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