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Audio QR Codes

6 Jun

There has been a great deal of discussion about QR (Quick Response) codes recently.  BPI is working on trying to figure out the best way to implement them into our strategy.  Working them into ways that make both positive sense for BPI and more importantly a valuable impact for our client base.

QR for BPI on WordPress

But tonight as I was watching the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Progressive Insurance did something that I have not seen before.  They asked you the viewer, to use Shazam to identify the commercial.

If you are not familiar with Shazam, it is a program available on your iPhone or Android that uses its core music recognition technology to identify music quickly.  It is great for people like me that need a ton of help identifying new songs that are released.

In the commercial, the Shazam company logo appeared on the screen, and it prompted you to start Tagging.  When the tagging was done it identified it as Progressive commercial with opportunities to Call for a Quote, Visit the Website, and a bunch of other options.

Looks like an Audio QR Code if you ask me.  It is great out of the box thinking.

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