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What We Learned

23 Jul

Social Engaging

Back in June and early July, we entered into a contest run by the Business Journal called Social Madness.  It was a competition that took companies based on their social presence, put them into divisions and then measured their engagement on those Social Media tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +).  We were bumped out in Round 3 – the Milwaukee semi finals – before heading to the National competition (Round 4).

It was a great experience for us internally at BPI Inc.  Here is what we learned:

  • Content Matters – You read articles on the web or tweets from social media experts that say content is just the #1 thing; and you know, they are right.  And it is not the volume of content that you put out there.  It has to be useful to the audience, timely, and add value.
  • Humor – Adding a spice of humor that is not in the main stream also helps.  Our friend Brooke Ballard at B Squared Media hits it out of the park on this topic in this article.
  • Consistency – 12 postings in one day, and then none for 3 days does not help the process as all.  Being able to use tools built into the systems you are using to spread that shared content is very important
  • Selling – Do not sell your products/services in every single post.  It is the easiest way to lose traction that you worked so hard to gain.
  • Perspective – Put yourself in the Readers chair, and determine if what you are sharing is really of any value
  • Listen – This is the hardest part in social media and in life in general.  Need to make sure your ears are clean and you can hear what the readers are saying to you

The energy that was displayed by BPI, Inc. in the social media side during those fun 4 weeks of the contest have propelled us forward.  We are still working hard to stay actively engaged and are really looking forward to the 2014 Social Madness competition.

Social Madness

3 Jun

BPI Inc. has been approved to participate in the Social Madness challenge in Milwaukee.  This year, categories have been determined by size of collective social following at the start of Social Madnessthe competition.  Based on the size of our social media audience we will be competing against other local companies in the SMALL category bracket.

The competition starts today.

All we ask from you, our loyal readers, is to continue to do what you have already been doing for years.  And that is

It’s all about engagement!  We will be scored on how well we engage with you, our social media audience, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ during the challenge.  Social engagement is defined as likes, comments, and shares of a company’s posts by their followers.

We will also be scored by the number of votes we receive. All we ask is that you vote for BPI Inc. on socialmadness.com and to go back to vote again for us every day!

Social Madness

29 May

BPI is excited to have entered The Business Journal’s Social Madness challenge in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We will be competing in the small company size bracket, joining other companies in the area with fewer than 100 employees. 

According to the official rules, companies will be ranked based on a scoring algorithm that measures social influence. The algorithm will gauge LinkedIn Connections, Facebook activity and Twitter Followers during the challenge.

The first phase of the contest runs from June 1 through June 18th.  At the end of this phase, the 8 companies with the most points will advance to the next round.

Now is a great time to Follow BPI on Twitter, become a Facebook friend, or connect to BPI via LinkedIn.

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