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LinkedIn On Social Media

30 Mar

I am often asked why I am on LinkedIn?What am I using it for?

LinkedIn is a social network for business.It is similar to Facebook in the sense that you can connect to other people and share information.But that is where the similarities come to an end.

By using a tool like LinkedIn you are increasing your visibility and improving your connections.You are marketing yourself and marketing your company.

Here is one of the misconceptions that I think a good number of people have with LinkedIn.They think that there should be immediate results and gains without putting the time and energy into the product.This type of networking is not advertising and should not be hoped that it will produce the same results as traditional advertising. You must build your network through trust and credibility.

This is what I would recommend for all of us (at a minimum):

Status Updates – But unlike Facebook, keep them business related….update them once a week.

Join a Group – Find something related to a field you are interested or join the ReproMax group, Central Reprographic Association.Then not only join, make a contribution to one of their discussions.

Make Connections – Connect to other people.There are two schools of thought on this.LinkedIn would prefer you only connect with people you know, but I view everything as an opportunity, so I accept requests from people as long as we have something in common.

Invite Others – You have contact with a number of people each day. Take their card, send them a note and invite them to be a contact in LinkedIn.

Recommendations – Unlike making connections, I value the recommendations I give.I only make them for people that I know personally, have worked with, some I would want to work with.I am stingy with my recommendations.

Habit – Make it a habit to spend 20-30 minutes a week on this.Give it some time.It will take some time to pay dividends.

Hope you find this information useful.

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