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Get to Know Your BPI Team

15 Oct

Bryan Manicke

Production Assistant

Madison, Wisconsin

Bryan has been with BPI Inc. since late May of 2013.  He is currently working in production at our Madison East location.  Bryan’s focus since joining BPI’s team has been large format scanning.  When not scanning, Bryan assists the Madison East team with usual production duties:  printing, laminating, scanning, and upkeep.

Previously, Bryan was employed at the Clarion Suites in Madison as a front desk manager, gaining a fair share of customer service skills and knowledge during his 9 year employment.  On the side, Bryan enjoys working on small computer repairs because of his extensive background in that area. As well, Bryan is enrolled in the Cisco Networking Specialization degree program at Madison College. 

Bryan is married to his wife of thee years, Lisa Manicke, a German language teacher employed within the Deforest School District.  In early September Bryan and Lisa bought a house on the east side of Madison where they live with their new puppy, Bilbo.  Bryan feels his free time is best  spent doing something mentally engaging, whether that be reading a good book, playing an involving computer game, working on a home project, trying to program his Raspberry-Pi microcomputer, or working on his car.


Get to Know Your BPI Team

30 Oct

Shiloh Buchman

Project Coordinator

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shiloh Buchman joined BPI Inc in the fall of 2011, after spending 18 years working as an office manager for BPI’s long-time customer, the Shepherd Partnership (TSP Inc).

As a member of the BPI team, Shiloh provides support to the General Manager, the Controller, and various departments throughout the organization. She coordinates special projects such as BPI’s Construction Technology Seminar, helps the BPI team prepare for tradeshows, facilitates human resources functions, and assists with the organizational aspects of sales and inventory.

Shiloh’s experience at TSP allowed her to enjoy the benefits of being one of BPI’s top customers. She got to know many BPI team members through plan orders and deliveries, sales calls, and open houses. Those many points of contact with BPI led Shiloh to her husband, Keith, a senior account manager at BPI.

Shiloh and Keith have eight children—five still live at home, keeping the couple quite busy. In the small amount of free time she has, Shiloh enjoys walking, dancing, and traveling to Arizona.

Get to Know Your BPI Team

4 Oct

Jim Glass

Client Services – Digital Support

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jim has been with BPI for over 17 years and he currently oversees the day to day operations of BPI’s Online Planroom offerings. He has more recently been assisting in the Professional Services / Social Media areas of BPI.

Jim came to BPI as a co-op student through West Allis Central High School back in 1995. With 12 years in the Production Department at BPI, Jim has seen firsthand the way the reprographics industry has changed–ammonia activated blueline prints to high volume bond printing, floppy disks to flash drives, pen plotters to the KIP C7800. For the last 5 years, he has been focusing primarily on the Online Planroom offerings and Digital Services of BPI.

Jim lives in the Milwaukee area with many books and an ever-growing collection of pirate paraphernalia. He can be found at various Renaissance Faires and pirate reenactment events throughout the summer. He is also preparing for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. It’s coming…. Really, it is….

Get to Know Your BPI Team

22 May

Patrick Feely

Vice President of Operations

Pat has been a Partner and General Manager since joining the BPI Team 13 years ago in February of 1999. However, Pat has been associated with BPI’s tradition, successes and history dating back to the early 1980’s. After graduating from Marquette University, he joined BPI for a short period of time while searching for full time employment during the throes of a major economic downturn. In the mid 90’s, Pat was a member of BPI’s Business Advisory Board, assembled by the Owner and President, Steve Mueller. Prior to joining BPI, Pat held numerous executive management positions while working for Bell Atlantic, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, primarily based in operations management, Pat has had the opportunity to lead organizations focused in providing technology-based services and solutions to Clients.

During his 30+ years in business, Pat has managed operations throughout the United States and Europe. He has had numerous opportunities to relocate to various other parts of the world, including Australia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio; however, being born and raised in Wisconsin, Pat and his wife Holly have consistently and confidently made the decision to raise their family, establish careers, and make the Milwaukee area home base. When asked why the decision to live and work in the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin area has been so easy, Pat points to priority of family, educational opportunities for their daughters, quality of the community, and commitment to contributing to business expansion in Wisconsin. Pat also suggests, “Holly and I have traveled extensively in our careers and for pleasure. We both agree the caliber, quality, character, and work ethic of individuals in our community are second to none.” Pat and Holly live in Brookfield with their two teenage daughters.

What has been the best part of your time with BPI? Joining the organization at a time when it was poised for growth, and playing a part in the company’s subsequent and successful expansion. Assembling the BPI team, planning and controlling the growth, and initiating new business initiatives to meet our Clients’ requirements are all things I enjoy doing. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished and opportunities our organization continues to generate.

What has been BPI’s biggest challenge? The traditional business model in our industry, like so many others, has been rapidly changing, due in large part to new and improved technology tools and our Clients’ continuing desire to advance their services and products. The economic downturn has also certainly presented a number of challenges, but the team at BPI has continued to demonstrate its resiliency, adaptability, and determination to change our business.

What will be the biggest challenge going forward? Continuing to transition and re-brand our company’s services, upgrading employee skill sets, and expanding organizational capabilities to provide what our Clients require and new markets demand. Rapidly advancing technology continues to add an exciting and extremely challenging dimension to this effort.

In your 30+ years of business experience, what has been the most exciting time? Certainly witnessing and managing through the evolution of hardware and software technology from main frame-based computing of the late 80’s to the current capabilities of cloud computing has been exciting. However, I would suggest that while our business, markets, and industry continue to produce the uncertainty of change, right NOW is the most exciting time I’ve ever experienced.

What community initiatives are you involved with? For the past eight years I’ve had the honor of serving on the Metro Milwaukee Business Advisory Board for Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin (CSSW) and Children’s Hospital. CSSW provides vital services to the Milwaukee and surrounding communities in foster care, adoption services, respite care, and family outreach programs (Project Ujima and Parklawn Resource Center).

Do you have any hobbies? For the past 10 years, I’ve been part of a team that races sailboats competitively.

If you had to pick a second career what would it be? I would be a play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball.

What book are you currently reading? The Power of Habit written by Charles Duhigg.

Do you have a favorite quote? Many, but one of my favorites is one attributed to Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant:

“The first time you quit, it’s hard.
The second time, it gets easier.
The third time, you don’t even have to think about it!”

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