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2012 AIA Expo Starts Tomorrow

1 May

The Annual AIA Wisconsin Convention & Building Products Expo offers members and allied professionals an opportunity to explore emerging design, practice, technology and environmental issues, as well as to investigate innovative products and services available to the design and construction industry.

BPI is Wisconsin’s complete source for all large format document needs. We are a family-run company with over 55 years’ experience servicing Architects at both the local and national levels. At BPI, we exceed your expectations to earn your testimonial.

Visit BPI at Booth #38 to find out more about:

  • Color Services
  • Construction Information Management
  • Canon iPF760 MFP  NEW!

New Standard in Plotters

24 Apr

Who Designed The New Standard in Plotters?

Canon . . . CANON . . . CANON!

On April 1st (no fooling), Canon released its latest and soon-to-be greatest technical plotters: the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF760 and iPF760 MFP, and the Canon imagePROGRAF  iPF765 and iPF765 MFP.

These newest Canon printers are not short on enhancements.

  • Space Savings  (This is huge!)
  • Better Stacking  (This is really huge!)
  • Bigger Prints  (This is up to 20 feet huge!)

Space Savings. With the iPF760/765, Canon has streamlined their plotter design, offering the smallest footprint of any 36″ plotter on the market.  Our customers have let us know: less space is always better.  Canon, who spends 7% of the company’s annual revenue on research and development, has certainly heard the customer’s voice and improved their equipment yet again.  But it doesn’t stop with the footprint, there’s more space-saving news: The iPF760/765 is pre-designed to integrate with the next logical upgrade–a color scanner.  So the need for a scanner stand has been eliminated, creating a savings of 6 sq ft of floor space!Canon iPF765 MFP

Better Stacking. The space savings is a huge improvement, but the new stacking capability is really huge.  The iPF760/765 has a completely redesigned print-receiving mechanism.  Previous Canon plotters had a simple, inexpensive piece of fabric “slung” between the legs to catch, mix, and ultimately “shuffle” the prints as they were printed.  The iPF760/765 system delivers up to 20 flat stacked prints to the user in a uniform, organized, and stacked method.  This is a SUPER upgrade.

Bigger Prints. Here’s an improvement that’s easily measured. The iPF760/765 provides the option for longer printing–up to 20 feet, depending upon the plot file content.  Now the user can make banners and posters for internal communications and announcements, thus making the Canon equipment a HUGE value to its owner and the user community.

To see the Canon iPF760/765 in action and get a first-hand feel for the exciting improvements, visit BPI at Booth #38 of the AIA Expo in Madison, WI. Or, contact us for a hands-on demo of this awesome machine.

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